New Wave Accounting...

New Wave Accounting is a way of doing things. It involves looking for simple and understandable solutions to problems and enjoying doing so. It also involves questioning the status quo of Accounting and looking to move the profession into the modern age.

The word "Wave" has multiple meanings and the definitions below have been taken from the English Dictionary.

A disturbance on the surface of a liquid body, in the form of a moving ridge or swell.

At New Wave Accountants (SW) Ltd we love the sea, and this kind of wave is what we have based our Corporate logo on.

We are very much in touch with the naval and seagoing heritage of the South West (as you will see from our website as a whole), and are massively proud to be based on The Barbican at Plymouth’s Waterfront.

The image of a wave conjures all sorts of mental pictures, from the surging, rolling motion of the winter sea to the tranquil motion of Plymouth Sound in the height of summer. The symbol of a wave is perfect as all businesses spend elements of their existences in both of these states i.e. sometimes tranquil and sometimes in turmoil.

We appreciate both of these states and love to help businesses who are thriving equally as much as those that may be sailing on choppier waters.

Any surging or progressing movement.

A wave can be also viewed as a progressing or progressive movement. Again, at New Wave Accountants (SW) Ltd this fits our ethos of how we want to do things.

The Accounting industry has been around for centuries and has remained relatively unchanged in this time. We do not see things this way. The business world has evolved and changed more in the last 2 decades than it has in the previous 100 years.

The advent of The Internet and the use of IT has had a huge impact on businesses. Most accountants are not very good in this area – we are. Also, tax rules are more complicated now than they once were. It is difficult now dealing with the tax man and unless advisers are fully up to speed with HM Revenue & Customs rules, policies and procedures, it is easy to fall foul of things you didn’t even know about!

It is our opinion that the days of blue pin-stripe suits, charging by the hour (or for time) and using complicated language are numbered. These day's clients want to view their Accountants as part of their team. People, with whom they can identify, relax with and lean on if necessary.

Make waves - to disturb the status quo, by questioning or resisting the accepted rules and procedures.

It is our intention to constantly challenge the accepted way of doing things. This is the essence of lateral thinking and effective problem solving.

Most Accountants are far too prudent for the problems that most businesses face nowadays. In a time of low margins and high fixed costs, businesses need solutions and contingency plans that are both creative and flexible.

Clients also need advisors on their team who are prepared to challenge their stakeholders if needs be. Such stakeholders take the form of lenders (including banks), HM Revenue & Customs (and other governmental organisations) and even other professional advisors.

This is how we feel at New Wave Accountants (SW) Ltd, and this is how we want to do business. However, don’t just take our word for it – ask our clients. The next tab provides some case study information and testimonials from some of our clients.